Pulmonary Functions

MedXcel understands the importance of an effective pulmonary function testing (PFT) program to include baseline and annual updates in order to ensure the employee's ability to wear a respirator. The program is headed by a technician that has completed a NIOSH approved spirometry course. This allows our staff to offer the best product possible for such an important part of the physical and annual review process.

MedXcel guarantees it is:

MedXcel guarantees it is:

  • Able to store electronic and hard copies of the PFT
  • Able to include predicted values
  • Able to measure height in stocking feet to accurately measure lung volume
  • Able to calibrate equipment daily
  • Able to examine real-time and flow-volume curves

The above measures provide consistency and reliability, which are an important part of validity for any testing program.

We are also pleased to offer Respirator FIT testing. This is also an important tool to validate an employee's ability to safely wear his respirator.

The PFT and FIT test in conjunction with the OSHA standard Respirator Questionnaire will give our medical staff the complete respiratory picture of the employee to issue his respirator card and enter the work force.

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