Digital X-rays

MedXcel offers digital radiology as a tool to speed up the reporting process. With digital technology, images are sent to the radiologists with same day reporting in emergency situations. This greatly speeds up the time needed to determine the appropriate treatment for accidents.

Images can also be burned to CD to hand carry to the physician of your choice.

MedXcel also offers digital radiology services for the following:

MedXcel also offers digital radiology services for the following:

  • Pre-employment/Placement Physicals - Radiology allow the employer to identify any structural abnormalities that may require further testing to ensure the employee can meet the demands of the job description.
  • Urgent Care - Our physicians and physician assistants are provided a back up in accident management by sending the image to a radiology group for over-read. This helps guide the treatment to be effective and appropriate for the patient.
  • Pre-operative - Many times a surgeon will order a chest X-ray prior to a scheduled surgery. The radiology services at MedXcel are quick and convenient on a walk in basis.
  • Post-Accident - The medical decision making process following an accident can affect the direction and speed of recovery and return to work. Quickly ruling out orthopedic issues with the expert opinion of a radiologist gives the treating physician the confidence to recommend less restrictive treatment measures to the injured worker.

MedXcel looks forward to meeting your X-ray needs at our Youngsville location!

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