Occupational Drug Testing

MedXcel understands the need to prevent drugs in the workplace. Drug and alcohol use by employees contribute significantly to the yearly number of industrial accidents. Our occupational drug testing collection and reporting program is designed to enable the employer to worry about growing the business, not having to protect it from drug users.

MedXcel drug testing procedures provide the following:

MedXcel drug testing procedures provide the following:

  • DOT regulated urine drug collections and breath alcohol testing will be performed in accordance with procedure outlined in 49 CFR Part 40 of the regulations issued by the DOT effective August 1, 2001.
  • DOT and non-DOT urine collections and breath alcohol will be performed by technicians trained in accordance with Part 40 and will possess a valid current certificate of training.
  • MedXcel will also provide a bathroom dedicated strictly to urine collection and will be a sterile environment designed to discourage the use of artificial specimens.
  • Provide instant test results for non-DOT urine testing at request of the company.

MedXcel is also proud to offer hair follicle testing. This option provides testing for 5, 7, 9, 12, 13, or 14 Panels. An excellent tool for Non-DOT post-accident testing when incorporated as part of your company's drug testing program.

MedXcel is also pleased to provide on-site urine drug collections. Random drug testing is a must in industry. However, sending 6-12% of your workforce to a facility each quarter can affect a company's productivity. With prior planning, MedXcel Mobile division will provide this testing on-site.

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