Occupational Therapy

MedXcel has occupational therapists on staff to service all its clients. Although MedXcel does not routinely provide therapy for injured workers, it can at the request of the company provide in house therapy. In times when the injury involves the hand, MedXcel is proud to provide a Certified Hand Therapist for its customers.

Occupational therapists also contribute in the hiring process. Functional lift testing, sometimes know as agility studies, are most effective when designed by a therapist with a background in job site analysis. At MedXcel, the ability to come to your company and perform a complete job site analysis to produce accurate job descriptions is available. Our occupational therapist has been certified through the Isernhagen Functional Capacity Examination method. Also, additional training has been performed in ergonomics and OSHA safety. A functional lift test places the stress required by the job description on the potential employee. This allows the therapist to objectively assess if the candidate can safely meet the demands of the job description. This is crucial because according to the Americans with Disabilities Act no potential employee can be discriminated against in the hiring process unless he or she cannot safely meet the demands of the job description and reasonable modifications cannot be made. The occupational therapist provides the expert opinion to help protect both employer and employee from unsafe situations related to the physical inability to perform the essential demands of the job description.